What is ACHC Accreditation?

The Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc (ACHC) is a private, not-for-profit corporation that has set high national standards for providers to meet in effectively and efficiently delivering quality health care products and services to consumers. ACHC confers accreditation on organizations that have demonstrated through rigid scrutiny that their policies, procedures, practices and quality assurance programs meet the ACHC national standards.

Accreditation is a voluntary method to establish our commitment to adhering to these high standards, to show that we are in compliance with all regulatory bodies in the industry, and to provide surety to any concerned party that we strive for excellence in all endeavors.

How Do You Receive it?

Accreditation is not easy to attain—providers must demonstrate that they meet the ACHC criteria through a stringent review of ninety-six separate qualifying standards & criteria, spanning eight areas of business operations, such as Customer Service/Care Management, Quality Improvement, and Fiscal Management. Evidence submitted for the review includes: 

  • Documented internal policies and procedures
  • Best practices checklists
  • Reviews of training and fiscal management records
  • Quality Improvement measures and corrective actions
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring and improvement measures 

ACHC reviewers perform on-site visits to audit these and other performance areas to validate each standard. They further interview our staff members to discover levels of training, product knowledge and to ascertain health and safety standards. They also review customer satisfaction using a variety of methods including direct customer contact. Once they have considered the entire body of evidence, they then determine whether or not we have met the standard sufficient for accreditation.